'Drac Alas ' Points Card

Go through any of our serviced Alas service stations (Ametlla, Vandellòs, Perelló, Reus or Vila-Seca), and get your ALAS FIDELITY card right away. With it, you will accumulate points in all your refuels in Alas service stations, and with them, you can get interesting and practical gifts…


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Tarjeta de Puntos Alas

Do not know what gifts you can get?

Catálogo de puntos

Get an Alas Points Card and accumulate points in order to swap them by one of the products in our catalogue. As you will see, there are a lot of interesting objects in the list. Find your favourite!

With your Alas Points Card you will be able to choose between:

Bosch aspirator

Sony clock radio to wake up with the best vibe

Ufesa iron to be dressed with no wrinkles

Jata weighing machine to control your weight

Teka microwave to make your life easier at the kitchen

Jata roaster to prepare irresistible breakfasts

Philips squeezer to prepare the best juices

4GB SD card to save all your files

32’’ TV to watch your best films

Magefesa pans to create the best recipes

Monix coffee maker to elaborate delicious coffees

Monix grill plate to prepare a great barbecue

Ufesa mixer to make the best creams

Pentax camera to shoot your own pictures

Sony headphones to enjoy your favourite songs

Olympus and Casio cameras to remember every moment

Panasonic wireless phone to be in contact with who you want

Energy System Bluetooth speaker to carry your music wherever you want to

16GB Pen drive to save all the files you need

Braun electric toothbrush to have an amazing smile

Slazenger sport bag to practice any sport

Monix pressure cooker to elaborate the most tasty meals

B&D hand aspirator to eliminate all the dust

Televisor LED 32’’ para vert tus series y películas favoritas

Besides, there are many other gifts waiting for you. Get your Alas Points Card and enjoy the products of your trust fuel station!

Get our points’ card in any of our serviced Alas stations. There, you will be informed of all its benefits.