Professional diesel card

Road transport professionals can receive the corresponding tax refunds for the refuelling litres in all our petrol stations. The stations will periodically send all the supplies made at our stations to the tax agency for their telematic process. The tax agency will pay the tax tranche to the beneficiaries quarterly.
All transport professionals whose vehicles are greater than 7.5 t, ambulances and taxi drivers who are registered in the Tax Agency census can benefit from this service.

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Tarjeta Alas Gasóleo Profesional

Professional Diesel Card

The fourth of our cards is the Professional Diesel Card. As you may know, we have several cards, each one adapted to a client profile. All of them have been created in order to give to you or to your business multiple advantages.

We owe a huge service stations network all around the Tarragona and Zaragoza provinces. You should not forget that in Alas Service Stations does not matter the moment that you want to refuel your vehicle. All of our service stations dispose of automatic refueling service, this means that you will be able to refuel your car at any hour or day of the week.

But what is special about the Professional Diesel Card?

We are conscious that transport workers can receive tax refunds relevant to the refueled liters, so that is what we do at Alas Service Stations. The way we work is sending all supplies made at our stations to the tax agency for its telematic process. On a quarterly basis, the tax agency will pay the beneficiaries the tax bracket.

All transport professionals with vehicles over 7.5t, ambulances and taxi drivers who are registered in the Tax Agency census can use the Professional Diesel Card.

Have not you refueled with our fuels? In this case, we invite you to try our Diesel, Diesel Plus or A-Diesel, the best quality fuels always for your car.

You can apply for the Professional Diesel Card by filling in the form that you can find in our website. Look for the button “Professional Diesel Card” and fill it in, and also do not forget about indicating the kind of target that you are interested in.

If you have doubts during the process or you need more information about anything, you always have the option of contacting us. In case you want, everything you need is visiting the “Contact” button in our webpage and look for the contact channel you prefer. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or by filling this form.

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