diesel Reus

With ALAS you will never run out of fuel. How is that possible? Thanks to the automatic refuelling service that you will find in our service stations, with which you can fill the tank of your vehicle at any time of the day or night.

And of course, in some of our petrol stations you can also count on the attention of our staff, always ready to offer you the best service, and stores with all kinds of products that will make your trip more enjoyable. Refuel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In addition, you can also access our car wash service with the best technology so that your car comes out clean and in perfect conditions.


Our priority are always our customers. For this reason, as the years have passed, our services offer has increased, so that we can supply as many of your needs as possible. In this way, one of our priorities is that our costumers can always refuel. But how? It is all thanks to the automatic refueling services that all our service stations have. Like this we guarantee that you can fill your car’s tank whenever you need or want to. We also want to highlight that you will find customer’s support service in many of our stations. So, any doubt or requirement that you may need will be answered by our human team. Besides this, you will be able to get all the supplies you might need in our shop. This shop does not just have the most common products, but you will also find fresh products like cheese or pasta. You will also find car’s maintenance material for your vehicle.
Apart from all of this, many of Alas Service Stations have auto-clean services. This guarantees you the possibility of cleaning your car with the best technology.
Two of our star fuels are the Plus Diesel and the A-Diesel. The Plus Diesel has many benefits for your vehicle. Among them we can find the ignition improvement or the cold-start and the increase of the fuel’s lubrication. It also prevents the rust and protects fuel from degradation and discoloration. On the other hand, the A-Diesel offers advantages like a fuel’s consumption decrease, more power in the device and more protection against corrosion and wear. Due to the desire of taking care of our customers, we have elaborated several Alas cards. Each one of them is thought for a customer’s profile, and so that he or she can have a benefit in every refueling.
diesel Reus

The big news is a section through which our customers can access all kinds of operations, such as limiting or blocking their cards, checking their consumption, etc.

Alas Private Customer Area

diesel Reus

Our stores have a large assortment of items carefully chosen for their quality and convenience. In the food section we offer, in addition to the most common products, fresh products such as pasta, cheese, etc. The store is complemented by an elaborate selection of products for your car and those necessary on the road.

Our commitment is quality, price and service. Therefore, all our products come from CLH terminals, and incorporate the quality additive HQ300 in Diesel A and HQ400 in Petrol 95 and 98.

Diesel PLUS

Our new Diesel Plus product has arrived to offer our most demanding customers superior quality at an unbeatable price.

Benefits of Diesel Plus


  • Increases lubrication of the fuel.

  • Increases the Cetane rate.

  • Decreases the solidification of Paraffins at low temperatures.

  • Improves ignition and cold start.


  • Actively cleans the deposits of the injectors, avoiding blockage of the holes and improving spraying; in this way:

a) The power does not decrease.

b) The amount of unburned fuel is reduced with the consequent reduction in fuel and smoke consumption, reducing the total cost of operation. 

  • It is estimated that fuel economy varies between 1% and 4%, depending on the engines.


  • Prevents rust


  • They favour the elimination of condensation water by separation, to ensure that it does not harm the injectors.


  • They protect the fuel from degradation and discoloration, in addition to stabilizing it, thus protecting the engine elements, reducing wear.


  • They improve the lubrication of the fuel and reduce the solidification of Paraffins at low temperatures. They also improve ignition and cold start.


A-Diesel is a superior quality diesel A to meet the demand for new diesel engine technology.

Benefits of A-Diesel


  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • More power for your engine.
  • Better result when used regularly.


  • Reduces the formation of carbonaceous residues.

  • Protects against corrosion and wear.

  • Greater efficiency in cleaning injectors.

  • Improves Cold Start.